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The main business strategy of the company is to continuously strengthen the good service to customers. You buy not only our equipment, but also our full range of one-stop service:
Pre sales service: the company's spray equipment experts, to provide customers with the best equipment configuration program.
On site installation and commissioning, technical service engineer to ensure the high speed and high quality of the site installation and commissioning.
Technical training: including the operation of the field operation personnel training and the company for a week of technical training.
Emergency maintenance: a strong technical service team, can meet the customer's various emergency repair.
Spare parts supply: all kinds of spare parts for long years, to meet the needs of customers spare parts.
Hotline consultation: technical experts to provide all-weather technical advisory hotline service.
As long as your production base in the company, there are people in the company, no matter when and where, you can get the service of the company.